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About Siddha HEALING

Siddha Kundalini Healing is the connection and channeling to the ancient Indian Siddha tradition of healers and spiritualists to bring a very powerful yet gentle form of energy healing. With the use of a Crystal mandala and sacred geometry to enhance the process, this treatment helps open channels and realign your chakras. This is done by removing blockages and relieving the being from physical, mental and emotional tensions caused by negative energy, day to day stress and pains from past traumas which do not serve us anymore. 

These Healings works at a deep energetic level bringing harmony, balance and clarity. A sense of peace and self-realisation from the nature of these sufferings which allow you to open your heart, see your inner truth and connect to your being as a whole - mind, body and spirit .


what to bring and what the treatments includes

The client is asked to bring a note pad, warm clothes and to reflect on what they would like to address. 

The session begins with a brief introduction of the process and time for the client to share their personal issue and their wishes for the session. This is then followed with the treatment itself which last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Once the treatment has finished there will be a sharing of experiences of the healing creating a holistic view with any questions and advise exchanged. 

As the healing takes place in a deep meditative space the client is encouraged to allow some “free time” post session for transition and integration.